How Variants Are Played

When playing Chinese dominos, the player both have the same score, the player with highest ranking tile is considered the winner. If they both have same score and the same ranked tile.  then this situation is known as copy and opponent wins. The gee Joon tiles are not considered at the time of a tie. To play this game and win you would have to employ strategy to get ahead win over your opponent. This can be done if you understand all the concepts carefully and apply them as explained and practice a few number of times to get a hang of it and you will able to play this intricate game of Pai gow, a variation of dominoes which is one of the most sought-after casino games. Different domino games on dominoqq online.

Interesting variations of dominos

The need to have to use high ranked tiles in both rear and front hands. Trying to make the highest score as possible. This will help you overcome your opponent even if you don’t win one hand you could at least break the tie in your favour. There times when the player attempts a push so that he wouldn’t have to lose the bet because of the weak tiles that he may be having in his pile. Since this game has come down from ages people still hold tradition and superstition as way of making the pairing s and holding one’s tiles in the hands. Play dominos n your favourite site, dominoqq online.

In the variations of dominos there is a game called dominos matrix where in two more players can be accommodated to play. Here the players vie each other to create empty spaces around the domino tiles which also can be called cells. The double figure combo is applied for scoring. The player who has most points when the last tile is placed is the winner of the game.

 In this game the blanks can be used as

  • Zeros
  • Wild cards

The aim of this game is to create enclosed spaces in the layout of the game. A point is given for creating this space or cell.